Our children and youth ministry is designed to equip and meet the spiritual needs of all children, youth and visiting youth members through the teaching of biblical principles that when applied will guide the youth in every aspect of his/her life.


DANCE MINISTRY (for members of all ages)

The Dance Ministry is an extension of Faith Temple Worldwide Ministries that minister to the body of Christ through creative expressions of worship, praise, and prophesy through dance.  This God-given talent exhibits an art form through dance that will spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, reach the lost, encourage the hardened hearts, lift the heavy-burdened, and inspire those that are lost towards salvation.   This Ministry supports the mission and vision of the Pastors and Faith Temple Worldwide Ministries, Inc through helping to create an atmosphere of praise and worship through dance in a visual form and proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ.  



The purpose of the Intercessory Prayer Ministry serves to pray the will of the Father on the behalf of another and adhere to the scriptures instructions to “PRAY WITHOUT CEASING”. 


The mission of this ministry is to record the preached word of God in the form of audio compact discs and make it available to the public.   This ministry supports the vision and leadership of our senior pastor which includes the proper and effective presentation of the gospel through audio technology!


This ministry is headed by our Overseer Freddie P. Oats, III and the mission is to minister to the total man from all backgrounds and walks of life, impact and empower men to experience a richer fuller relationship with Christ. It is our vision to enhance and guide men into sound biblical relationships in their families, churches and communities by consistent impartations into their spiritual, emotional and economic development as they seek their rightful place in the Kingdom of God.



This ministry serves as an outreach extension of Faith Temple Worldwide Ministries and its mission to take the gospel of Jesus to the sick, shut-in, jails, prisons, nursing homes and hospitals  .  It is our prayer through this ministry that “ALL” lives be transformed and souls won for the kingdom of God.



The primary assignment of this ministry is to usher all souls into the presence of God through the excellence of vocal and musical ministry.  To set an atmosphere that will

allow everyone to offer up a sacrifice of praise and worship for an intimate experience with the Father.  



The mission of this ministry is to show God’s love as we serve all God’s people in our local and surrounding communities, especially needy families, children, veterans and the homeless with food, clothing, prayer, etc.


The mission of this ministry is to assist the new member(s) transition into the Faith Temple Worldwide Ministries family, obtain contact information, provide a “New Member Packet” and schedule the New Member Class as we prepare them for

assignment in the ministry.



This ministry is committed to “FAITHFULLY” serve the temporal and primary needs of the Pastors of Faith Temple Worldwide Ministries, to cover them in prayer and value them as the precious jewels they are. Our duty is to help lighten the load so they can focus on the vision and its work for the kingdom of God.



This ministry serves on the “front-line” for Faith Temple Worldwide Ministries as the

first point-of- contact to serving and assisting all members and visitors attending services. The members of this ministry serve as the door-keepers and assist in maintaining order in God’s house during all services and events so that the presence of the Lord has free course to enter.



This ministry is designed to incorporate individuals that are ministry-minded, kingdom focused and have a desire to assist the vision and mission of Faith Temple Worldwide Ministries in designated areas of ministry for services or events, on an as-needed basis.




 This ministry is headed by our Co Pastor Debora “Lady Dee” Oats and is designed to minister to all women, from all walks of life.  To teach each woman how to grow spiritually, emotionally and relationally and bring spiritual and natural healing to the total woman for a more fulfilling and productive life in God.